From hostels to communities
From hostels to communities
06/10/2014 | Channel: Residential, Major Project
David Campbell gives an insight into the considerations facing student housing developers in this complex legislative environment
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 Growing up
Growing up
06/10/2014 | Channel: Environment
Green roofs offer numerous ecological and economic benefits, as Fabian Kaiser highlights
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Speedy Services | The new agenda

Speedy Services was established in 1975, formed out of a number of small tool and equipment depots based in the North-West of England. By 2000 it had grown to an £80 million organisation with 70-80 small depots, and 14 years later its revenues exceed £350 million, with over 240 operational sites across the UK encompassing trading centres, as well as asset repair centres

Kodumaja AS | Rising high

Simultaneously a trademark and the name of a group of companies specialising in the construction of high-quality housing, Kodumaja AS has been focused on employing an effective and future-orientated construction method since it began operations a year after its foundation in 1995

Junttan Oy | Piles of opportunity

Founded in 1976, Junttan Oy has more than 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of leading piling equipment

Hughes and Salvidge | The demolition men

Celebrating 50 years in business in 2014, Hughes and Salvidge has built up a vast range of experience in demolition, crushing and recycling

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